FryAir Classic - Free Deluxe Accessory Package

FryAir Classic - Free Deluxe Accessory Package

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The FRYAIR™ Classic XL 10 litre capacity air fryer with rotisserie function is a healthier alternative way to fry & bake...use air instead of oil! Cook, bake, fry, grill, it all in the FRYAIR™ Classic!

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FRYAIR ...the Oil-Free Fryer / Oven - Uses air instead of Oil!!

FRYAIR Oil-free fryer - the healthy, new way to enjoy all of your favourite foods! Roast chicken, pizza, french fries, steak, steamed vegetables and more....Cook all these delicious meals without the need to add oil.  Cooking with the FRYAIR seals in the natural juices enabling you to make tasty air-fried food without the fat.

Create delicious french fries, snacks and meals that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. With the FRYAIR you can fry nearly anything...and fast! 

FRYAIR Oil-free fryer uses a powerful combination of infrared heat, convection and conduction to cook your favourite foods without the oil in minutes! It does not require preheating and cooks quickly while retaining the mouth-watering juices of your favourite food.

In 3 EASY steps you can enjoy a healthy new way to cook in minutes with no mess! Simply place the food (fresh or frozen) into the FRYAIR oven then set the timer and the's that easy!  It almost sounds too good to be true; that is, until you’ve tried it! Start cooking with your FRYAIR today and enjoy an oil free meal in no time!

What's in the basic FRYAIR package?

  • FRYAIR Oil-free fryer/Oven  - Choose from two colour options Classic White or NEW Midnight Black!
  • Tongs - for lifting hot food out of the FRYAIR
  • Baking Cage - Use the baking cage to cook french fries, wedges, roasted root veges, prawns or any other foods that require constant turning to achieve even cooking. 
  • Rack - The rack can be used in either the high or low position depending on how close you need the food to be to the heat source.  The low rack is best for foods that require longer cooking while the high rack is good for quicker cooking foods such as chicken wings, pizza and prawns. 
  • Rotisserie Set - Use for roasting your favourite meats evenly by rotisserie. 

Free Deluxe Accessory Package  - Promotion only!

  • Skewer Rack - 10 prong kebab wheel perfect for bbq kebabs all year round
  • Flat Rack - designed for fish and flat meats and great for toasting bread (uses rotisserie pole)
  • 24cm Oven Tray - great for pasta, potatoes etc
  • 24cm Steamer Tray - for steaming vegetables, fish etc

Some examples of how you can use your FryAir - for further info see attached PDF under the 'Specs' tab

Steamed Vegetables - Use the FRYAIR to steam vegetables. Set the timer to 5-8 minutes to steam vegetables at 200 degrees using the high rack.
Pizza - Make delicious pizzas at home with your new FRYAIR. Set the timer to 15-20 minutes and cook at 200 degrees using the high rack.
Steak - The FRYAIR Oil-free Fryer can also cook steaks. Set the timer to 12-16 minutes to cook steak at 190 degrees using the high rack.
Chicken Wings - Make tasty chicken wings in a matter of minutes. Cook for 15-20 minutes at 200 degrees using the baking cage/High rack and the baking tray.
Steamed Fish - Prepare a variety of different seafood dishes using the FRYAIR. Set the timer to 15-20 minutes and cook at 230 degrees using the high rack and steamer.
French Fries - Make delicious french fries with your FRYAIR. Cook fries for 20-25 minutes at 230 degrees using the baking cage.
Roast Chicken - Enjoy healthy roast chicken dishes without grease or oil. Just set the timer to 25-30 minutes and cook at 200 degrees using the fork or low rack.



  • Colours:  Classic White or NEW Midnight black!
  • Voltage: 220v - 240v
  • Power Consumption: 1200W - 1400W
  • Temperature Range: 130°C -230°C
  • Capacity: 10L
  • Outside: 35cm Diametre
  • Inside: 28cm Diametre
  • Height: 33cm at it's highest
  • Widest Point (from outside): 45cm
  • 1 year warranty

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Absolutely wonderful.. Big size, tried a few things, will try lamb roast and let you guys know Review by Nance / (Posted on 24/06/2019)
We absolutely love our Fry Air! Use it a few times a week, even just to reheat food instead of using my microwave. So glad we invested in one of these! Review by B Clarke / (Posted on 17/07/2018)

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