Woll Concept Plus Pot 24cm - with silicone steamer

Woll Concept Plus Pot 24cm - with silicone steamer

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This handy 24cm pot comes with it's own steamer, splatter-guard, pot stand, colander...now that's a great concept!

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Regular Price: $399.95

Special Price $299.96



NEW!!  These pots have won design awards across Europe.  Available in 24cm and 28cm. They are an amazing concept, here's a few reasons why:

1. Can be used on top of the stove & in the oven on any type of cook-top (e.g. use it as a casserole as well as a pot)
2. Each pot comes with a silicone insert which can be used for so many things...Sieve, Mat, Splatter-guard, Steamer, Colander.
3. They are completely non-stick!
Check out the photos for a better idea of how easy these pots are to handle and how versatile they are.

Every pot in the concept plus range has the following features:    A new squeeze cast technology with a diamond coating
  •     Outstanding non-stick properties
  •     Multifunctional lid with 3 positions and silicone rim
  •     Two side-handles - ovenproof up to 250°C / 480°F
  •     Dishwasher proof
  •     Perfect heat distribution for energy-saving cooking
  •     Optimised rim for pouring sauces cleaning
  •     Manufacturing process and coating PFOA free
  •     Healthy and low fat preparation

Further information:

The concept plus range is the most innovative new cookware line in cast aluminium – it has features and functions that have never before been seen in this type of product. The manufacturing process uses an innovative casting technology and an extremely durable non-stick coating with real diamond crystals embedded into it for outstanding non-stick properties.

Concept Plus innovative design allows for 3 lid positions: Normal position for slow cooking, raised position for steaming and allowing you to pour water out whilst keeping ingredients in, and parked position to allow for easy stirring and keeping worktop clean. The lids are made of a unique combination of glass and silicon (i.e. glass with a silicon edging).

Combine the above with our new multifunctional silicone insert with 5 different functions makes the concept plus range the most unique and most functional cast aluminium cookware in the market today.

Concept plus can be used on an induction cooktop or any other with a brand new, edge-to-edge bottom in a specially developed steel. Naturally, it is ovenproof to 250 °C/480 °F and dishwasher safe.  The innovative Cooking system in Cast Aluminium with a Diamond Coating.

For further information see the 'specs' tab or visit www.wollcookware.co.nz

Happy customers - Just a sample of fantastic customer reviews; Auckland Food Show 2014


Woll Concept Plus Pot with Silicone Insert - 24CM

Available in two sizes: 

  • 24cm Diametre, 13.5cm H, 5litres


  • Squeeze cast aluminium with diamond non-stick surface
  • Lid has 3 positions, one for pouring, one for cooking and one for boiling
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with multifuntion lid
  • 2 handles - ovenproof up to 250°C
  • Each pot comes with a multifuntion silicone insert which can be used as a Steamer, Mat, Splatterguard or Sieve.  This is heat resistant up to 260°C, is dishwaster proof, easy to clean and hygenic.