WOLL NOWO Square Grill Pan with Gift box

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WOLL NOWO Square Grill Pan with Gift box

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Detachable handle, free oven-safe lid & totally non-stick.

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Regular Price: $349.95

Special Price $262.46



WOLL Nowo Titanium and Induction Line Square Grill Pans

If you're a lover of beautifully cooked steak with gourmet style grill lines then this is the pan for you!  The Woll Square Gill pan is square so you can fit more in it, and bigger pieces of meat. The Grill lines add style and fineness to your cooking plus it's 6.5cm high side helps prevent splatter and means you can use it to make a stir fry, curry, casserole or even a roast. 

Please choose from the drop-down boxes for the correct item to suit your oven:

  • For regular cooktops, these are ceramic, gas, electric or halogen please choose the option 'gas, ceramic, electric'.
  • For induction cooktops choose 'induction'.
  • If you would like your pot or pan to work on all cooking surfaces please choose 'induction' from the drop down. (Please be aware that if you are using the induction range on a non induction cooktop this will take longer to heat the pan). 

What makes the Woll Nowo Titanium Range stand out from the rest...? (for regular gas, ceramic, electric cooktops)

Woll nowo titanium products are guaranteed to make cooking a lot of fun. The Durability and non-stick quality of our pans and roasters make them indispensable. They have a long service life, are easy to use and are able to meet even the highest demands.

The approximately 8mm - thick bottom will not distort, even at extremely high temperatures, guaranteeing outstanding quality and excellent cooking results. Thanks to its special thermal property, it absorbs heat optimally and distributes it evenly during cooking.  The base and structure of the pan comes with a manufacture-back 25 year warranty.

Our extremely resistant, patented high-tech titanium coating brings together two of the advantages of modern cookware: Woll Nowo products are extremely cut and abrasion resistant and, at the same time, they excel through their unique non-stick properties, allowing little or even no-fat cooking without sticking – ideal for healthy and vitamin-rich meals. Moreover, thanks to the non-stick surface nowo products are easy to clean.

An additional asset is the detachable handle, which turns any pan of the nowo series into an oven-safe casserole dish and which makes storage in the kitchen and cleaning in the sink much easier. The WOLL team hope you have a lot of fun cooking with nowo.

For further information see the 'specs' tab or visit https://showtvcookware.com.au/

How is the WOLL Induction Line Range different? (this will work on induction cooktops as well as all other cooktops - gas, ceramic and electric)

Professional cooking on modern induction hobs is energy efficient and safe with the Woll Induction Line: non-stick-coated, cast aluminium pans for induction stoves.

A special-steel pan bottom developed especially for Woll is applied to the entire surface using a patented process. This ensures that extremely high-energy heat flows are transferred directly to the pan body without any build-up of heat, while also providing for a particularly strong magnetic field. This is the reason why selected products from our pan series, with all their outstanding features, are also available as special editions for professional chefs.
Thanks to the fact that the surface of the pan bottom has been specially treated, WOLL Induction Line pans can also be used on ceramic hobs and conventional stoves such as electric ones.

If you are not used to Induction cook tops here's a little advice...Be aware that Induction cook tops get very hot very quickly, it is never necessary to cook on high on an induction cook top, to heat the pan up you can briefly turn the heat up high but then make sure you reduce the temperature for cooking.

For a limited time all orders will receive a matching oven safe shatter proof lid absolutely FREE

For further information see the 'specs' tab or visit https://showtvcookware.com.au/



The Square Grill Pan come with detachable handle and is suitable for Gas, Electricity, Ceramic Hobs Halogen and Induction. (choose from drop down)

  • 28cm x 28cm x 6.5cm High

Handles and lid are oven proof up to 250 degrees celcius.

What are these long lasting pans made from?


Cut and abrasion-resistant titanium hard-base coating with excellent non-stick properties

Thermo Bottom

Approximately 8-mm-thick cast bottom for optimum thermal absorption and no distortion, even at high temperatures

Detachable Handle

Detachable handle, TÜV and GS safety tested, allows easy storage, cleaning and oven use

Handle Mount

Integral, threaded brass insert for sturdy, firmly affixed handles

Cast Handle

Cast handle – for safe lifting/handling (except for pans)

Glass Lid

Various glass lids for energy-efficient cooking, ovenproof up to 250 °C


Additionally reinforced edge offers high level of shock resistance and no-mess pouring of sauces



25 year warranty on the eveness of the bottom

3 year warranty on the coating

Natural wear of the non-stock surface, burnt pans with black, tar-like deposits, of seals which have been damaged by force are excluded from the warranty.