I’ve been on the road with ShowTV for almost five years now, and in that time I’ve gained a plethora of tales and experiences. I thought I might share some of those stories on this blog, so all of you out there who have never been a travelling sales person can get an insider look into what goes on.   

I’ve been to every kind of show you can imagine up and down this Country. Home shows, boat shows, caravan shows, heck once we even went to a medieval fair!  And although they are all different, a current of consistency and familiarity runs through them. Most people don’t realise, but just like me there is a pocket of the community that travels every single week from February to November selling their wares to punters from the top, to the bottom of NZ. And we all love it!

One of the biggest elements of travelling for work is staying at accommodations. Things have become a lot more comfortable in the last few years since Airbnb launched. But some of the motels and hotels we have come across have been truly indescribable. From carpet that hasn’t been replaced since the 1970s, fold out couches with broken springs, to finding a big dog poo in the middle of a motel living room, we have truly seen it all. Many of these places don’t seem to put much thought into the possibility of guests actually cooking while they are there. But since we are not on holiday and travel like this all the time, our pockets and our waist lines would not be ok with us going out to eat every night, and so, we require quality cooking facilities if we are to survive.

Luckily for us we happen to sell some fantastic cooking products, and we are always sure to pack a couple extra in case of cooking emergencies. Our must have cooking item on the road is the Woll Pan. These German made beauties are top of the range and without fail cook perfect food every single time. We laugh in the face of scratched up non-stick pans, and oven trays layered with the burned remains of guests meals from yesteryear. Our pans can do it all you can even take the handle off and put them in the oven. Having a nice home cooked meal makes our life on the road feel a little more homely and sets us up for a great day at the shows!