NEW!! Vita-Life Ceramic Saucepans - Red or Silver !

This durable cookware is produced with a heavy gauge aluminum combined with a thick ceramic interior and steel base. The construction of this high quality cookware provides even heat distribution, efficient cooking and long lasting usage.

This stunning new range of cookware is suitable for use on the following heat sources, ceramic, induction, gas and electric.  The ceramic interior of these pans promotes healthy cooking by lessening the need to cook with fats and oils. The cookware also delivers a superior non-stick coating making it excellent for the use of boiling, frying and sautéing.

Pans in this 3-piece set are 28cm, 24cm and 20cm (large, medium and small) in size each with it's own glass lid.

  • Even Heat Distribution
  • Can be used on the following cooktops: Ceramic, Gas, Induction, Electric
  • Less need for fats and oils
  • Non-Stick coating
  • Set includes: Saucepan sizes: 28cm, 24cm, 20cm