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Meet Donna, the inspiration and creator behind Wildflower Aromas Boutique!

I started Wildflower Aromas about 12 years ago.  I first started playing around making perfumes and found that I really enjoyed experimenting with different scents, I then did a bunch of research and taught myself how to make soap for both humans and animals.  Upon researching ingredients to use I found most recipes included palm oil, and because my husband and I sponsor two orphaned Orangutan I wanted to make sure that I didn’t contribute to their habitat destruction.  Hence why all our products are palm oil free.  I also buy local ingredients and where I can, I hand select, dry, and infuse ingredients myself to use in products.  Our dog range came about because we got a Staffy puppy and he would constantly welt up in rashes every time he went outside, so he was my little test subject for our Hemp & Kawakawa Healing Balm, it was a huge thing when I finally created something that not only cleared up his rashes, but seemed to also put a barrier on so he didn’t continue to get these horrible rashes, he (Chopper) is now 9 years old and hasn’t had any rashes for at least 6 years.  When I joined a Staffy Facebook page I soon found so many others had the same issues with their dogs’ rashes, it’s so amazing that I’ve been able to help so many other dog owners and that they have been able to use something natural rather than something with chemicals.  We also realized the Hemp & Kawakawa Balm helped relieve eczema and in some cases clear it up completely, particularly in children.  All our products are Palm Oil Free, Cruelty Free & NZ Made.  Products are made in small batches and everything is hand poured, hand cut and hand packaged, this ensures care & love is put into every product.