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Casada Hilton II Massage Chair

Casada Hilton II Massage Chair

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“Most people have no idea how your body should feel” – Kevin Trudeau.

The Hilton II Massage Chairs
Besides the massage functions we have already become fond of, like rolling, kneading and tapping, the Hilton II makes you enjoy the unique feeling of weightlessness when pushing the button Zero-G. In the astronaut position your knees are elevated above the level of your heart and there is no strain on the spine at all. The pressure on vertebrae and intervertebral discs decreases, the blood circulation is being activated and tensions are released long term. Treat yourself to the luxuries and comforts of the HILTON II. Leave the hectic day behind you, take your seat in this massage chair and indulge in the numerous massage techniques. Thanks to the intuitive operation of the massage programmes, the desired position can be very easily set and can be adapted to your personal needs.
Get into your favourite position and relax in an incomparable way.

Zero Space

In the lying position, conventional massage chairs need a lot of room behind the backrest. Thanks to the Zero Space Technology of the Hilton II, the chair swivels forward and thus needs a wall distance of only 8 centimetres. Space-saving and comfortable!

S-Line / S-Shape

This programme includes a complete back massage from the shoulders to the buttocks, using massage heads that are especially close to the body. This S-shaped mechanism is inspired by the natural anatomy of the spine and is therefore able to reliably reach your muscles.

YOGA Massage

Effectively moves and balances your physical and emotional state. Methodic stretching movements are used to vitalise your body and calm your mind. Massage of body pressure points may activate the energy channels of your body and revitalise your entire wellbeing.


  • L-Shape: you can expect a full body massage from the neck down to the buttocks
  • S-Line: With this automatic program the massage heads are working very close to your bod, they massage the whole back down to the buttocks. The S-shape mechanics is inspired by the natural curve of the spine
  • Automatic - 6 specifically developed automatic programs for the whole body, which offer a big range of different massage techniques. Additionally you can turn on the heating function
  • Adjustable footrest - the footrest can be extended up to 15cm, making it adaptable to different body sizes
  • Reclining Position - the adjustable backrest and footrest allows for maximum comfort
  • Air Intensity - adjustable airbag massage intensity
  • Air Area - three air pressure modes: full body/arm and leg/lower body
  • Adjustable speed
  • Knead & Tap (Dual Action) - these techniques are combined in order to relieve tension and stimulate blood circulation simultaneously
  • Sole Roller - Deluxe foot massage - even the speed of the foot massage can be adjusted
  • Yoga - Targeted stretch massages activate the body and have an invigorating effect on the whole body
  • Acupressure Points - eight key acupressure points on the thighs, calves and ankles are massaged
  • Music - with built in speakers you can listen to your favourite music or play a meditation soundtrack to enhance relaxation
  • Adjustable Pillow - if necessary, the double cushion can be removed to increase the intensity of the neck and shoulder massage
  • Human Hands Feeling - Specially designed massage heads imitate the hand motion of a professional masseur. The maximum stretch space is 6.5cm and the maximum stretch angle is 41 degrees, allowing the mechanical hands to massage all the vertebrae.
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty (2 years parts and labour, a further 3 years parts only)

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Customer Reviews

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Paul Matal (Mikkeli, FI)
Relaxing massage with music of your choise

I can warmly recommend Casada Healthcare chair as a furniture, where you can enjoy a relaxing massage with music of your choice from your mobile phone or computer. The chair is good for relaxing in a fitness studio or in a rehabilitation center.