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Nellie's Wow Mop Cleaning Power Bundle

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  • Two durable micro cleaning pads

  • measuring cup

  • charging cord

  • user manual

  • 12-month manufacturers warranty

Improving the conventional mop was something Nellie always dreamed about. And that’s just what she did, with its amazing features it will really make you say, WOW!

The WOW factors.

The high-frequency motor powers twin oscillating pads.

The twin oscillating pads will scrub, buff and polish so much faster than a regular mop, your floors will be spotless and your mother-in-law speechless. WOW, indeed!

At over 700 oscillations per minute, that’s 12 scrubs every second, it’s easy to see how the WOW mop gets that perfect shine.
While the long grip adjustable length handles allows you to tackle dirt in all the right places completely and effortlessly.

The WOW Mop has a built-in water tank and push-button liquid delivery system. Allowing you to spot clean on the go. The pair of durable micro cleaning pads are machine washable, eco-friendly and can be reused up to 100 times.

The LED lights light up your path while being cordless and lightweight features allow you unlimited movement.

Perfect for all types of flooring, including hardwood, laminate, tile, ceramic and carpet.

How TO USE: Simply fill the tank with water and a cap full of white vinegar for best results.

Press the power button and let the WOW Mop do the work!



Battery: 2000mAh
Voltage Rating: 12V
Rated Power: 35W
Power Charger Voltage: 12 6 V
Charging Time: 3h
Running time: 55-90 mins
Reservoir: 190ml
Mop Head Dms: 30x30cm


Bundle includes

  • One Nellie's WOW Mop

  • One set Nellie's Light Blue Multi-Purpose Mop Pads
  • One set Nellie's Scrub and Polish Mop Pads
  • One set Nellie's Soak-up White Fluffy Mop Pads
  • One Nellie's Laundry Soda 100 Load Tin

  • One Nellie's 1.7kg 100 Scoop Oxygen Brightener Tin

  • One Nellie's WOW Stick Stain Remover


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Customer Reviews

Based on 464 reviews
Wendy Gilchrist (Brisbane, AU)
Great product but a little heavier than I expected

I found the floor a bit sticky after I used you're full strength floor cleaner s so next time I will try diluting

Hi Wendy!
Thanks for reaching out.
Nellie's Floor Care is a super strong concentrate so you will get the best results by diluting it in warm water before putting it onto your floor/in the reservoir of your mop. This will help you achieve the best results! Remember a little bit goes a long way!
Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other queries, we're happy to help :)
Kind Regards,

Jane Malcolm (Amberley, NZ)

It’s great I have a new house and need to clean 100 square feet wooden floors. It’s so easy to use

Anonymous (Queanbeyan, AU)
absolutely fantastic

this mop this well worth the money
I have permanent spinal damage and with this mop I can now mop my floors with ease.
I highly recommend it.

Danielle Flores (Melbourne, AU)
Fabulous results on my laminate wood floors

I actually enjoy mopping my floors now. The Nellie’s mop is quick and easy to use, and gives good results.

Gail Lucas (Mangawhai, NZ)
Nellies Mop Review

I have to concur with some of the other purchasers that it is quite a good mop design with the oversized mop pads so it doesn’t mark any of the cupboards or furniture.
It also has been noted that the cleaning pad is not absorbant at all and it just pushes the dirty water from the cleaned area to another leaving streaky marks…I have a large tiled floor area and the water reservoir is woefully too small I had to refill 4 times
I like the cleaning action and the handle height and length it sometimes has an issue clicking from off to on when you are moving the handle up and down..
I think it would be really good on a small floor area and starting with a clean floor so the water marks are not visible as it transfers from one area to another..
I thought the price point was really expensive