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Violet Sky - Sistaco Holographic Nail Powder Pot

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There's no shrinking violets with this dazzling purple tone! Violet Sky is the perfect colour for those who love purple, with a little bit of extra pizzazz.

Pair this nail powder colour with one of our Nail Powder Sets for amazing salon-quality results but in the comfort of your own home!

Sistaco’s quick and easy at home nail powder sets achieve a perfect manicure in minutes!

Using Sistaco nail powders your nail colour is more durable, lasts longer and can easily be done at home.

Our nail powders are applied by brushing the powder onto your nail to achieve amazing results in minutes, so less mess, and no need to be an expert! 

*Please note - the exact weight and consistency of your Sistaco powder colour pot may vary slightly colour to colour, but will equate to the same amount of applications on your nails*

Customer Reviews

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Paula Snowling
Holographic Powder pot

Love the colour and it has indeed lasted 2 weeks from application.

Hi Paula,

Thank you so much for the review, we really appreciate it!

Kind regards,