WindoWoW™ E-Blade Window Vac

WindoWoW™ E-Blade Window Vac

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Window cleaning is an absolute breeze with the WindoWoW™ E-Blade! Whether a part of your spring clean regime or cleaning up unexpected messes, the state-of-the-art WindoWoW™ E-Blade window vac is the perfect tool. Capable of cleaning windows with one, simple motion, the E-Blade is fast and handy, providing you with a crystal clear, streak-free finish from beginning to end. You will say WOW every time!



The WindoWoW™ E-Blade window vacuum is ideal for cleaning smooth flat surfaces such as windows, mirrors, showers, benchtops as well as removing condensation and any other liquids.

Incorporating the latest window vac cleaning technology the E-Blade features:

  • Can clean all windows, mirrors, doors, shower stalls, benchtops or any other flat surface
  • Operates perfectly at any angle, even when inverted
  • Extremely lightweight at less than 500 grams and user friendly design
  • Quick and easy to empty water collection tank
  • Drip free cleaning, steak free drying
  • Rechargable Li-ion 2000 mAh battery
  • IPX4 Ingress Protection rating
  • Includes 28cm Micro-Fibre washer handle and machine washable cloth
  • 3 Year Warranty

The WindoWoW E-Blade is the next generation of intelligent simplicty.

Crystal clear results, streak free. You will say WOW every time!


  • 1.2m stainless steel extension pole that fits to both washer and E-Blade vac unit
  • Silicone Blade replacement
  • 28 cm micro-fibre cleaning cloth




  • Resevoir Volume              50ml
  • Operating Time                 30-45mins
  • Nominal Battery Voltage   3.6V
  • Rated Power                    10W
  • Charging Time                  2-3 hours
  • Output Voltage                  5V
  • Output Current Charger    800mA
  • Sound Pressure Level      50dB
  • Weight                              440g
  • Battery Type                     Li-ion
  • Battery Capacity               2000mAh
  • Ingress Protection            IPX4