Did you know, the average Kiwi spends $20 a month on cleaning products? That’s over $230 a year, just to clean the house!

As we head into the Autumn months here in the Southern hemisphere, I’m sure a spring clean is the last thing on everyone’s minds. At the best of times, cleaning is not something that many people enjoy, and in the winter months it can be even more dreaded. However, cleaning the house is something that can’t be avoided, so we’re super excited to tell you all about a product that will make cleaning quick, easy and (dare I say) enjoyable.

For this week’s featured product blog we’re going to tell you all about the Nellie’s Wow Mop. With a mission to transform the conventional mop, the Nellie’s Wow Mop was created to scrub, buff and polish floors with minimal effort, making cleaning more satisfying and easier than ever!

If you’ve ever walked into a building or house that has been freshly cleaned, you’ll probably be familiar with the chemical smell that fills the air after several different bottles of cleaning products have been used to get rid of grime and dirt. These chemical based products not only contribute to water, air and waste pollution but are considered a major contributor to declining environmental conditions.

Fortunately, the Nellie’s Wow Mop has been designed with this in mind. Featuring a built in water tank that only needs to be filled with water and white vinegar, the mop provides an environmentally friendly floor cleaning alternative as it doesn’t require any chemical cleaning products to do the job! As well as this, the push-button, fingertip controlled liquid delivery system allows spot cleaning and reduces the need to overuse other chemical based cleaners. This also results in the mop paying for itself over time as you save hundreds of dollars a year on chemical cleaning products that are harmful to both the environment and your bank account!

The mop comes with a pair of durable microfibre cleaning pads that are machine washable, eco-friendly and can be reused up to 100 times. These pads have been created to be used in combination with one another to get the perfect streak free finish on every surface, as the blue microfibre pad scrubs the floors and the thick, white, fluffy pads get down into uneven surfaces, absorbing mess from carpets and rugs.

As a rechargeable mop that does the work for you, the high-frequency motor power twin oscillating heads scrub the floors over 700 times per minute, which is equivalent to 12 scrubs every second, giving you the ultimate floor scrub, buff and polish with ease.

Cordless, lightweight and featuring a long grip handle that provides unlimited maneuverability, the Nellie’s Wow Mop allows you to tackle dirt in all areas and directions effortlessly. The mop also features LED lights so that you can get a clear view of where your floors need extra attention.

Perfect for all types of flooring and offering a wide range of advantages to make cleaning your floors easier than ever, simply press the power button and let the mop do the work for you!

Old chemical cleaners are going out of fashion, so it’s time to put away your old mop and clean your floors like never before with the Nellie’s Wow Mop.


Nellie's WOW Mop + Free Pad Set – ShowTV New Zealand


Nellie's Wow Mop cleaning hard to reach places

Nellie's Wow Mop cleaning hard to reach places


Nellie's Wow Mop interchangeable pads

Nellie's Wow Mop interchangeable pads

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