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Here at Show TV, we are constantly keeping an eye out for innovative, market leading products that we can bring to our little corner of the world and share with our fellow Kiwis. That’s why, two or three years ago, when we came across Sistaco mineral nail powder, we were intrigued.

Hearing that a product is a mineral nail powder raised several questions in our minds, the first being how on earth does this work? But after learning about the product, a new question came to mind, how on earth do we get our hands on such a fantastic product?!

After partnering up with the owners who created the nail system over in Australia, we were able to bring this product in as a new member of the Show TV family and the response to it has blown us away. The innovation of this product has led to it becoming a market leader for nail and other cosmetic products to follow and we couldn’t wait to share it with our fellow Kiwis.

Fast forward a couple of years and I’m sure a lot of you have heard about and even tried out Sistaco NZ mineral nail powders before, but for those of you who are new to Show TV, or haven’t had a chance to learn about this amazing product, we wanted to put a little blog together, introducing you to the revolutionary at home nail kit that will change the way you get your nails done forever!

Setting itself apart from other nail products from the get go, Sistaco NZ mineral nail powders are free of 9 toxic chemicals that nail and cosmetic products usually contain, as well as being vegan and cruelty free to help you express your style and creativity in a safe and ethical way.

 Sistaco NZ

With over 70 colours to choose from, promoting uniqueness and creativity is a priority for Sistaco NZ, which is evident through their classic and holographic range of colours. If sparkles aren’t your thing, immerse yourself in the classic range of mineral powders. These classic mineral powders add the perfectly subtle shimmer or shine to any occasion, allowing you to match your colour of choice perfectly to any outfit, event or mood. Alternatively, if you can’t think of anything better than bright, extravagant nails, take a scroll through the range of holographic mineral powders to choose the perfect colour that will add a bit of sparkle to your life. Comprised of multi-coloured glitter with a high sparkle, this show stopping range of colours gives your nails a 3D effect that sparkle and show off their different undertones when you move them in the light. On top of this, as the colours are mineral based powders, you can mix a selection of colours together to create your very own unique, one of a kind colour creation!

 Sistaco NZ colours

Not only do they sport over 70 colours but they also have Sistaco NZ nail kits. The at home nail kits come with a variety of options to suit everyone. If you are a seasoned Sistaco user and nail specialist, the Ultimate Base Kit is for you! With three colours of your choice, a gloss and matte top coat, an express remover, a couple of ‘make your own colour’ mixing pots and more, this kit will keep your nail needs satisfied. On the other hand if you love doing your own nails but have never tried out Sistaco before, the Deluxe Base Kit will suit your needs. With three colours of your choice, this kit contains a top coat, base coat, applicator brush, ‘make your own colour’ mixing pots and an LED light. The Deluxe Base Kit is a great way to start your Sistaco journey and experiment with the fabulous colours. And lastly, if you are completely new to doing your own nails and want to see what Sistaco NZ is all about, the Sistaco Foundation Base Kit is just for you! With one colour of your choice, this kit comes with the top and base coat in applicator pens, rather than bottles, to help improve accuracy and allow you to practice your nail creations without jumping straight into the deep end.

 Sistaco NZ powder

Fortunately, your nail needs are by no means limited to the items in the Sistaco nail kits and you can actually add as many colours as you want to each kit so you never have to worry about having naked nails again! On top of this, you can also get anything and everything from the kits individually, from colours, to removers, top and base coats and other accessories, to make your nail journey as easy as possible.

 Sistaco mineral powder pot

With easy application and your very own LED light, the Sistaco NZ mineral powders leave your nails instantly dry after application, meaning no more smudging your wet nail polish when you prematurely try to tie your laces or wash the dishes!


As well as this, you can avoid mess and waste by applying the powder onto your nails over a piece of paper and tipping the excess powder straight back into the pot, preserving as much powder as possible!

 Sistaco mineral powder

Quick, easy, customisable and fun, the Sistaco NZ nail kits are revolutionary. Providing you with a salon quality finish from the comfort of your own home, as well as saving you hundreds of dollars and trips to the salon, our Sistaco nail products are for everyone to enjoy!

 Sistaco nails

To celebrate the popularity of this product, we have made Sistaco NZ it’s very own website and social media channels. Follow the links below to check out the easy to navigate website and scroll through the range of colours, nail kits and accessories that are on offer for you. Don’t forget to check out the social media channels we have also created for Sistaco NZ to see some of the incredible, unique creations that our customers have made and shared with everyone.

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