Are you ready for the Southern Hemisphere’s largest farming and agricultural event?!

The Fieldays are back and better than ever!

As the biggest live event in winter the Fieldays is like a mid-year Christmas for us here at Show TV and since it was cancelled last year due to COVID-19, this year we are super excited to be attending such a prestigious event. As the ultimate launch platform for cutting edge technology and innovation, this year at the Fieldays we are going bigger than ever, displaying some of our best selling and most popular products on the market that you won’t be able to live without, from cookware, to outdoors, cleaning, bedding and health and beauty products, we have it all this year at the Fieldays.


Transform your time in the kitchen with our Woll Cookware range! Using cutting edge Titanium materials, Woll Cookware is a market leader in cooking and kitchen products. Embracing versatility, Woll pans feature removable handles so they can be easily transferred between the stove and the oven! With top of the line non-stick durability and quality, the Woll Cookware range is indispensable, versatile and easy to clean, transforming your time in the kitchen and making cooking better than ever!

Another transformational kitchen product is our FryAir. More versatile and quicker than a conventional oven, our FryAir lets you roast, bake, fry, grill and steam, all without the need for fats and oils! Not only is the FryAir a healthier way to cook, but it also reduces cooking time making it perfect for busy farmers, professionals or parents who are always on the go. With completely adjustable settings, you will be able to cook perfectly juicy or deliciously crunchy meals in a jiffy. Easy to clean with the added benefit of consuming less power than a standard oven, make dinner time your favourite time with the FryAir.

Make sure to stop by our cookware stands and pay Rodrigo, Ray and Ronan a visit this year at the Fieldays to see live demonstrations and get the rundown on why these cookware ranges will be your new best friend in the kitchen!

 FryAir Fieldays stand


Of course, we wouldn’t turn up to the Fieldays without our popular Euroblade heaters! Our Euroblade heaters have an IP55 certified water and dust resistant rating and a high corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel protection grill, meaning they can be used both indoors and outdoors, heating farm sheds, workshops, outdoors spaces and homes alike. As well as heating up quickly and being great for outdoor use, the Euroblade heaters use infrared heating technology, which means they warm people, rather than spaces. This means you will be left feeling warm and cosy in seconds, without the space you are in overheating. Featuring 4 different heat settings, you also have complete control over the heat output and power consumption of your Euroblade heater. The Euroblade heaters also feature a handy remote control, meaning you can adjust your temperature level and even set a timer that will automatically turn the heater off at your desired point throughout the day or night, without having to move a muscle.

With an easy set up and a slick modern design, the Euroblade heaters can mount vertically and horizontally on a wall or ceiling, whilst blending in beautifully with your home.

Make sure to give Sean a wave at the Fieldays and stop by to check out his demonstration on our brilliant Euroblade heaters.



As the biggest agricultural event in the year, the Fieldays is a great chance for us to show off some of our most innovative outdoors products that will make your life easier than ever, providing the perfect purchase for farmers, agricultural workers and homeowners alike. This year at the Fieldays, we will therefore be selling The Great Bungee Cord! Holding up to 27kgs, the Great Bungee cords can act as any length, as they are fully adjustable from just 20cm long to 182cm long. Featuring a patented cam system to adjust to any length for your convinience, this means that you won’t need a bucket load of tangled bungees! Perfect for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, the Great Bungee Cord is made from top quality latex rubber with a polyester jacket that's mould and mildew resistant, making them perfect for roof racks, bikes, kayaks, camping, storage, boating and much more. Created with convenience, ease and safety in mind, make the most of the outdoors and take the stress out of your everyday life with the Great Bungee Cord.

Another outdoor product that you won’t be able to live without is our range of Little Giant Ladders. If you want a fast, convenient and safe ladder, look no further. With fast set up and take down, lightweight design, easy manoeuvrability and safety and stability, our ladders are adjustable and versatile, helping you get to hard to reach places with ease!

Pay the lads a visit this year to catch Troy’s entertaining Bungee cord pitch and Rodgers informative ladder display and learn more about these transformative outdoors products.



Whether you’re looking for outdoors equipment or cleaning products, we have you covered. Another product we have on display this year is our infamous WindowoW.  Whether you're looking for something to make your windows sparkle, mirrors gleam, or get rid of condensation build up, Windowow is here to make it quick and easy. The WindoWoW™ E-Blade window vacuum is ideal for cleaning smooth flat surfaces such as windows, mirrors, showers and bench tops and is perfect for removing condensation and other liquids from surfaces. The E-Blade's lightweight and slimline design is ideal for getting into all the awkward areas, plus extension pole mounting point helps reach those high up areas that no window vac has been to before.

Stop by the Windowow stand this year and watch Greg’s live demonstration to learn exactly how to get the best result from your new window vacuum.

 WindowoW stand


If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing this year, look no further! We also have a range of silk bedding for you to check out!

Did you know?

Mulberry Silk is a natural insulator. In winter, the large fibres of silk reduce heat loss from your body, and in the summer, silk wicks moisture away from your body, keeping you cool and comfortable. That's right, you have finally found a duvet that keeps you both warm in the winter and cold in the summer! This also means that you will no longer argue with your partner about which duvet to use or whether or not to have the fan on, as Mulberry silk duvets satisfy two people who sleep at different temperatures!

As well as this, Mulberry silk duvets are lightweight. Rather than hauling a heavy winter duvet over your bed every year, these duvets are lightweight and breathable, ensuring a regulated and even sleep temperature, as well as providing comfort for those that don’t like having a heavy duvet restricting them during the colder months. Many of our customers over the age of 65 also say silk helps take pressure off their bodies whilst sleeping which is great for arthritis sufferers.

Say hello to Bridget and Steph this Fieldays and stand by to learn about the numerous health benefits of silk bedding.


Health & Beauty:

Ever wished you could get a personalised massage at home without having to book an appointment? This year on display at the Fieldays we have our Casada massage chairs. Using top of the line technology, Casada massage chairs give you the ultimate massaging experience to provide relaxation, pain relief and improve the health and function of the entire body.

Transforming nails, one hand at a time, Sistaco will also be at the Fieldays this year! Using natural mineral powders, Sistaco provides an easy to apply at home nail system that allows you to create unique, salon-quality nails from the comfort of your own home!

Take a break from your busy day browsing the farming equipment on display and visit Dennis to try a Casada massage for yourself and while you’re at it, have a chat with Lorna and Ala whilst getting free a Sistaco nail demonstration on one of your nails!

This Fieldays we are not holding back, we have our best and most popular products all set and ready for you to check out so don’t forget to give our friendly show demonstrators a visit to learn all about our 'must have’ products this year at the Fieldays!

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