Who Are We?

From its infancy, Show TV has been based out of the sunny Bay of Plenty and has traveled all over New Zealand selling and demonstrating innovative products to consumers at home shows, live events and even displaying their products at various well-known stores throughout New Zealand. In 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a massive shift to online sales was incorporated into the company and now, with things returning back to normal, Show TV is forming a new multi faceted way for their consumers to purchase their products, called ‘Social Shopping’. Whether consumers are at a show, online, or at a physical shop, they experience a fun, entertaining and interactive way to shop, with the friendly, local, Kiwi service that is Show TV. 

Our Founders:

A little over 15 years ago, three Kiwi legends, Phil, Darryl and Bridget met each other in England and traveled the UK together, selling and demonstrating products at live events. After 4 years of experiencing the lifestyle that encompasses live events, the trio fell in love with the personal, face to face connections that they made with consumers through this method of selling and wanted to bring this unique style back to New Zealand. Heading home to the sunny Bay of Plenty, the group rented out a humble flat in Papamoa, where they got to work, creating the foundations of what would become Show TV.

After years of hard work, determination and positive attitudes, Show TV grew to become a household name seen at trade shows, on television screens and on social media pages across New Zealand.

Phil, Darryl and Bridget have created a small family of hard working Kiwis from across the country that have helped them create an innovative new concept called ‘Social Shopping.’ With years of experience and experts from all walks of life, Show TV is spreading its wings to bring the future of shopping to New Zealand.