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Is it easy to use?

The FryAir™ Touch is so easy to use! It has a panel of 20 quick pre-settings, or you can enter in time/temp/fan speed manually.
There is also a rotisserie function perfect for roast chicken, kebabs, hot chips and even toasted sandwiches!

What is the average life of the halogen bulb?

The life for the halogen globe is 2,000 hours. If you are outside of warranty, no worries! We can repair your FryAir™ for a fee. Contact us for a quote, we are happy to help.

What is the warranty on the FryAir Touch XL?

The FryAir Touch XL comes with a 2 year warranty

Is the FryAir™ the same as a deep fryer?

The FryAir™ is a healthier way to cook and makes food just as crispy, without drenching your food in oil! It is ideal for making roast pork with crackling, rotisserie chicken, fried chicken, fish, chips and more. You can cook with low fat or no fat, much healthier for your hips and your heart!

Is this unit safe to sit on a bench or should it be sitting on a chopping board? Is there a lot of heat in the bottom of the unit?

Other air fryers can get too hot underneath that they are known to damage kitchen benches. The FryAir™ unit is safe to sit on a bench! It does generate heat, however it does not exceed an extreme heat which could make any surface it is on too hot. You can place a baking mat or chopping board under the unit when you are cooking food if you like, but it is not necessary.

Where does the smoke go?

The FryAir™ does not smoke unless there is oil or food burning. For food like sausages or pork that tend to spit, there is a splatter guard included so the fat does not spit onto the element. There are other models of air fryers that smoke heavily, and we are proud to say that our machine does not.

Please note: The use of the FryAir™ grease filter will cause the actual temperature to drop between 10-20. as such, user should readjust the temperature and cooking.

Whats the biggest size chicken you can fit in?

You can comfortably fit up to 2kg chook on the rotisserie, and around 2.8kg on the rack.

Roast spuds at same time as chicken?

This depends on the size of your chicken and whether it is on the rotisserie or not. If you are using the rotisserie then there wont be much room, however if you put your chicken on the low rack then you will have room for some veggies.If you're using the rack, make sure to turn everything (chook included) over halfway through for crispiness all round!
A clever tip for big families is to par boil your vegetables while your meat is cooking, then while your meat is resting, you can cook your veg in the FryAir™ - par boiled veg depending on the cut shouldn’t take any more than 15 mins!

How does it effect cooking if you choose Fan Setting 2 instead of 3?

The FryAir™ Touch has turbo fan with 3 settings. The recipe booklet that comes with your FryAir™ provides the recommended fan setting for each food/Recipe. Changing the fan speed will either lessen or speed up the time it takes your food to cook. The highest (3) will allow certain foods to cook more quickly. When using your FryAir™, we suggest following the fan speed, temperatures & times provided in the recipe booklet, but keep in mind these can be adjusted depending on your cooking preferences!

Can you bake a cake/pie/casserole?

You certainly can! Any oven safe dish you have that fits in the FryAir™ you can use that too!
Make sure your bakeware sits on the rack in the low position so the air can flow underneath to cook thoroughly.
The FryAir™ Touch has endless possibilities for baking breads, cakes, scones even baked risottos and curries! Use the same time and temp for fan forced in your standard recipe.

Is the splatter guard for the FryAir touch over the element to be used for every cook?

No you do not need to use the splatter guard every time! We recommend using this when you are cooking foods that are prone to spitting, or cakes.

How do you clean the accessories?

The accessories are made from stainless steel or chrome plating. The baking dish and inner bowl are made from a special non-stick surface. We recommend washing non-stick accessories by hand, and you can put the rest of the accessories in the dishwasher! For any stubborn oil residue, you can use baking soda and or vinegar to soak the accessories.

Can you cook from frozen?

Yes! Most things are fine. Denser things like a large roast or whole chicken you may need to use the defrost setting first.

Do I need to add oil to my food?

Generally speaking- nope! Oil is completely optional. Frozen snacks and most meats all have fat/oil already, and will crisp up beautifully without the need of any additional oil or fat. The exception to this is if you are making your own fresh cut chips or other root vegetable dishes we recommend lightly coating your veg in oil for extra crispiness and flavour.

How much faster is it than a regular oven?

No preheating plus cooking times are about half to 2/3s cook time.

How many people can I cook for?

The FryAir™ Touch is family friendly! Depending on the yield you require, you can do meals for a family of five or more. Hot tip: for roasts, cook your meat first and while this is cooking, par boil your veggies. Once your roast is cooked, put it aside to rest while you finish your veggies in the FryAir™!

How much power do I save compared to a standard oven?

The FryAir™ Touch uses 1200-1400W, and cooks in about 2/3 of the cook time than a normal oven, as well as taking away pre-heating time. (The only exception is baking cakes etc which use the same amount of time, minus preheat)

Standard ovens can use between 2000-8000W, and require pre-heating.