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Casada Betasonic II Massage Chair with Braintronics™

Casada Betasonic II Massage Chair with Braintronics™

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The BetaSonic II is the unification of body and mind A walk through the fantastic functions of the BetaSonic II massage chair is always rewarding. Space-saving and compact - it does not scrimp with a multitude of features. Reliable in quality and long-lasting materials the BetaSonic II is a trusty and tasteful companion from the Casada massage chair family.

A clearly designed remote control guides you in a comprehensible and stylish way through automatic programmes and demonstrates the endless options of the special features of the BetaSonic II massage chair that can be manually set.

  • All Casada Wellness chairs come with a 5 year limited warranty (2 years parts and labour + 3 years parts only)



  • 2D - The intelligent 2D massage mechanism allows the massage chair to measure your back to determine a more exact position of the sections of the spine.
  • Acupressure points - Key acupressure points are massaged.
  • Adjust shoulder - The massage heads can be moved upward or downward to a suitable position in the shoulder area.
  • Adjustable footrest - The footrest can be extended, this way it is adaptable to different body sizes.
  • Adjustable pillow - If necessary, the double cushion can be placed to reduce the neck and shoulder massage intensity.
  • Air area - Three air pressure modes (full body, arm and leg / lower body).
  • Air compression - Rising and receding airbags have a pumping motion that produces natural muscle reflexes. This is particularly beneficial in the calf and foot area.
  • Air intensity - Adjustable airbag massage intensity.
  • Automatic - Specifically developed automatic programmes for the whole body, which offer a big range of different massage techniques. Additionally you can also turn on the heating function, if you‘d like.
  • Back area -  An individual applicable to any size massage area.
  • Bluetooth - Wireless data transmission.
  • braintronics® - Braintronics technology synchronises your brainwaves through audio stimulation. Combined with a specially developed massage programme your stress-ridden body will be able to relax. No matter whether you’d like to relax, dream or learn – anything’s possible.
  • Carbon Heating - Deeply penetrating Carbon infrared heat, blood vessels expand, the blood flow increases and the muscle tension is reduced. In addition, it carries out a highly beneficial effect on nerve cells, which are responsible for reporting pain to the brain.
  • Flap - Circulation in the muscles is stimulated and the tendons are encouraged to stretch by means of light tapping with a cupped hand, which also reduces tension at the same time.
  • Gua Sha - The scraping technique of -GuaSha- with gentle pressure opens up superficial blood vessels and stimulates blood circulation. GuaSha is often applied in combination with acupressure ‘shu points’ for additional stimulation of the whole body for an extra soothing massage experience.
  • Human hands feeling - Specially designed massage heads imitate the hand motion of a professional masseur. The maximum stretch space is 6,5 cm, and the maximum stretch angle is 41 degrees, so the mechanical hands can do effective massage to human cervical vertebra thoracic vertebra and lumbar vertebra.
  • Knead & Flap - A massage combination of kneading and flapping.
  • Kneading - Skin and muscles are either clasped or kneaded between the thumb and the index finger or with both hands. This massage technique is used in particular to ease tension.
  • L-Shape - You can expect a profound full body massage from the neck down to the buttocks.
  • Memory function - Using the intelligent memory function the massage chair remembers your favourite massage exactly and begins immediately without a scan. You have the opportunity to save two programmes with different buttons (M1 & M2).
  • Reclining Position - The adjustability of the backrest and footrest contributes to personal well-being of the body position.
  • Rolling - Pleasant alternation between relaxation and releasing the muscles – also perfectly suited for a final massage, for relaxation and recovery of the muscles.
  • Rotation - The rotating motion of the massage unit recreates the typical movement of a hand massage.
  • S-Line - With this automatic program the massage heads are working very close to your body, they massage the whole back down to your buttocks. The S-shaped mechanic is constructed after the natural anatomy of the spine.
  • Shiatsu - Shiatsu (finger press) is a form of body therapy originating in Japan. The massage technique consists of soft, rhythmic, far-reaching stretches and rotations. The aim of Shiatsu is to simulate individual parts of the body and to mobilise the muscles.
  • Speed - Massage speed is adjustable.
  • Spot - The massage heads can massage a particular spot.
  • Tapping - Short, tapping movements are performed with the edge of the hand, the palm or the fist. This promotes blood circulation in the skin and softens tense muscles. If tapping is performed at lung height, this can improve the release of mucus in the lung.
  • Width - The distance between the both massage heads can be set (narrow, medium and wide).
  • Yoga - The targeted stretching massage is activating your body and has an invigorating effect on the whole organism.
  • Zero gravity - You put yourself in the position of an astronaut – that “weightless feeling”.
  • Zero space - For the lying-position the massage chair moves forward and therefore requires very little distance to the wall behind. Space saving and comfortable!




grey | black
creme | orange
creme | brown

Dimension upstanding
76 x 110 x 143 cm
Dimension lying
76 x 98 x 168 cm
92 kg
EU: 220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
USA: 110-120 V ~ 60 Hz
Rated power
150 W
20 minutes


21 minutes


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