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Nellie's Wow Mop Only

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Cordless, lightweight and re-chargeable

Improving the conventional mop was something Nellie always dreamed about. And that’s just what she did, with its amazing features it will really make you say, WOW!

The WOW factors:

The high-frequency motor powers twin oscillating pads.

The twin oscillating pads will scrub, buff and polish so much faster than a regular mop, your floors will be spotless and your mother-in-law speechless. WOW, indeed!

At over 700 oscillations per minute, that’s 12 scrubs every second, it’s easy to see how the WOW mop gets that perfect shine.
While the long grip adjustable length handles allows you to tackle dirt in all the right places completely and effortlessly.

The WOW Mop has a built-in water tank and push-button liquid delivery system. Allowing you to spot clean on the go. The pair of durable micro cleaning pads are machine washable, eco-friendly and can be reused up to 100 times.

The LED lights light up your path while being cordless and lightweight features allow you unlimited movement.

Perfect for all types of flooring, including hardwood, laminate, tile, ceramic and carpet.

How to use: Simply fill the tank with water and a cap full of white vinegar for best results.

Press the power button and let the WOW Mop do the work!

Head to our YouTube channel to access tips and tricks!


Head to our YouTube channel to access tips and tricks!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Gail Lucas (Mangawhai, NZ)
Nellies Mop Review

I have to concur with some of the other purchasers that it is quite a good mop design with the oversized mop pads so it doesn’t mark any of the cupboards or furniture.
It also has been noted that the cleaning pad is not absorbant at all and it just pushes the dirty water from the cleaned area to another leaving streaky marks…I have a large tiled floor area and the water reservoir is woefully too small I had to refill 4 times
I like the cleaning action and the handle height and length it sometimes has an issue clicking from off to on when you are moving the handle up and down..
I think it would be really good on a small floor area and starting with a clean floor so the water marks are not visible as it transfers from one area to another..
I thought the price point was really expensive

Heather Martin (Auckland, NZ)
Nellie's Wow Mop - replacement parts

Was just about to shift into a newly built house when I purchased this product as wanted something that would not damage my brand new floors. Mopping was always a chore I loathed in my old house as my power driven mop had a cord attached and left lines where I had been mopping, and honestly was a lot of effort for little reward. I also freely admit I was a bit hesitant to try the mop when I first shifted into my new house so it stayed boxed for a while.
Once courage was built up to try out the mop I found it easy to use and seemed to do the job required of it and the mop could be found in the corner of my dining area ready to be used when the need arose. The charge seemed to last for what seemed like ages which was another big thumbs up for me.

Current issue though - I now can't find the charger (I have found a different one that fits but don't want to blow up the unit at all if a different wattage), nor can I find the beaker. I am also unsure if you have to change the pads everytime you use the mop if they are not really very dirty at the time.

Peter and Helen MORTENSON
Very innovative

We bought our 'Wow' mop for our daughter, who has a disability, and it has proven to be an ideal 'tool' for her to use with its ease of operation and effectiveness. Well done Nellie's!

Customer service

Very happy with my mop, the only thing is that I put it on charge and it won’t charge fully
Unfortunately I rang to see what could be wrong, as I only have had it for six months, this was weeks ago and I’m still waiting for a reply

Hi Manuela!
Thanks for leaving your review! We sincerely apologise for the miscommunication- we did find any emails from you in our records.
We can confirm that we have reached out to you via email on January 14th and your matter is now being resolved. Please feel free to reach out again if you need any further assistance, we are happy to help.
Have a wonderful day!

Love my Wow mop

I have to say this would have to be the best mop I've ever used. It's so easy to use and leaves the floor tiles so clean. I can actually say it's a pleasure to mop the floor 🙂